7 Sins vs 9 Fruits!…Wages vs Gifts!

“For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in CHRIST JESUS our LORD.

– Romans 6 : 23

Happy morning!..With the cheerfulness of the spirit of Christmas enlightened by the joyous gathering of family & friends, I hope all of you must have enjoyed the Day!..How wonderful would it be if everyone spent their every day with the joy of Christ radiating?!..

In this inspiring verse, Apostle Paul brings out the clear-cut differentiation of what the world gives and what our Savior rewards..While wages are earned depending on our capability and efforts, gifts are received effortless and regardless of our capacities. The sweetest note to this is that our generous Creator loves showering His children with ravishing gifts. More than any gift which you received yesterday or even before that or even before you were born..your Creator had already given the most PRECIOUS GIFT of all times!..Are you ready to receive it?



90% of the times, we commit sin even after being aware that it is wrong..But still we end up doing the same!..Where is our self-control? Why aren’t we able to restrain our minds to do the right?..Mostly, it is because of the ignorance of how deadly are sins for mankind..SIN is what separates you from being your best version!..Sin could be enticing, alluring, fun, relaxing and passionate but it is always TEMPORARY & it ends in the mortal death of the body and the spiritual death of one’s soul PERMANENTLY in eternal fire, where worms don’t die & fire does not get extinguished!..Better warn your mind to always prefer what is ‘right’ in life!

Oh no!..How many of these should I remove from my heart!?
This is unbearable in reality than in this pic..Beware!
Wowww!..Dazzling place with resplendent presence of my KING!..I really want to be there!
Hmm..I do have these..but am I practicing it everyday!?


Through the self-less sacrifice of God Himself in the form of man (Jesus Christ) on the Calvary, we don’t have to be worried about how to cancel our debts of sin..Just believe HIM with your whole heart, surrender all the thoughts of your mind & HE will bless your soul with the beauteous gift of eternal life!..THAT’S THE GIFT OF SALVATION..We can enjoy its marvelous contents to the fullest only at the end of this race on earth!

Let us adore the BEAUTIFUL ONE!

TSUNAMI OF 2004!..killed at least 225,000 people across a dozen countries..

Almost 16 long years have rolled by…yet where is our world heading?..Whenever mankind fails to receive the gift of salvation, they have to go through the sorrows of tribulation!..

As we look forward to a new year which already seems to be surrounded with impossibilities and suffering, LETS PRAY TO OUR CREATOR TO GUIDE US WITH HIS EVERLASTING ARMS OF LOVE!

‘It is better to choose to go with difficulty to enjoy Heaven’s peace than with ease to suffer Hell’s pain.’

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