KIND-OF-A-KIND : Newton’s 3rd Law at Work

“But love your enemies, do good to them, and lend to them without expecting to get anything back.

Then your reward will be great, and you will be children of the MOST HIGH, because HE is kind to the ungrateful and wicked.”

– LUKE 6 : 35

Hello!..It’s another morning with the Christmas cheer springing up around us!…This is the time of the year which brings peace to the mind, joy to the heart and happiness to our faces. Though 2020 has been a very disastrous one for most of us, I still believe the greatest gift of Christmas that our Creator has given is ‘our life..which is still breathing!’..What are you planning to gift in this season?

Through the writings of the physician Luke, we hear Lord JESUS expounding the true meaning of ‘LOVE’. Since our blurry world has darkened ‘goodness’, it is wise to always check our emotions and actions with the Scripture, LIFE’S BEST GUIDEBOOK!..If I ask the question, ‘Whom do you love?’…All of our answers would revolve around ‘’..How many of you love those who hate you?..How kind have we been to those who have hurt us?..What gift have we given to those who gave us pain?..Tough questions!…Yet what is living if there are no sacrifices!..

ACTION on Earth

The best action that our Creator desires from us is to ‘love our enemies’..It doesn’t mean that we just say it but do it!..Do good whenever its possible for those who need it. Be kind to them to the extent of lending without expecting. You might say ‘THIS IS NOT SIMPLE!’..I is not!..But when you remember how our FATHER IN HEAVEN displayed HIS agape love for this sinful mankind..the above-said action will become the favorite habit in your life.

REACTION from Heaven

If you could recall Newton’s Third’ll know that your every action done below has its reaction from above. God rewards us according to what we do with this one precious life…Lord JESUS promises great rewards for the little efforts we take, by keeping aside our negative ego to love those who despise us in all ways possible..Our Creator is true to HIS promises and when we are true to HIS words, HE blesses abundantly!

Your FATHER is the epitome of ‘kindness’…Make HIM glad by ‘being HIS child’!
Let God’s goodness reflect through our kindness!

Our Government aims on this day (Minorities Day) to advance and protect the privileges of the individuals to have a place with linguistic, religion, castes and color minority..Let’s do the best we can through our prayers and kind deeds!..

Leave aside your bitter grudges and think of giving a gift this season to someone in need or to whom who haven’t talked in years..I’m 100% sure you’ll never regret it as you’d be making your MOST HIGH to smile sweetly at you!

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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