1 Organ – 2 Powers!..What are they?

‘The tongue has the power of life and death,

and those who love it will eat its fruit.’

– PROVERBS 18 : 21

Ohhh no!..This is a tough question!..Which one should I choose?‘, Daniel was so confused by looking at the 7th multiple choice question in his test paper. In order to get the pass mark, he needed to mark it right but he knew not the answer. Will he make it through the test?..

Even in our lives, we come across situations where we have to decide between two or more totally different perspectives. ‘Making the right choice’ has always been the trick behind success..If you are able to choose right..you live happy!..Choose wrong..you suffer and regret!..Let’s see what King Solomon wants to share with us today from this thought-provoking verse, which is centered around our body’s most vibrant, boneless yet life-deciding organ..TONGUE!!

Words coming from your mouth defines your peace in life!
Have you experienced relations shatter because of ‘ill-spoken words’?
The fruit of the Holy Spirit works through a person who knows to use words wisely..
‘FEEL right..SPEAK right!’



We all love talking!..Don’t we?..But sometimes, we need to check what we speak..what kind of words we use..People, casually use words which might seem normal to them but it might have hurt the person who heard it. Never speak randomly..Instead check with your Creator and speak what could make someone’s life better. Your words are more powerful than you could ever imagine!..YOU CAN EITHER BUILD OR BREAK A PERSON WITH JUST A SINGLE WORD!..Beware!!

God’s word encourages us that when we start loving the use of right words, HE enables our lives to be a righteous one!..Let’s make it a practice to give work to our tongue only when it is needed. Self-control must begin with our tongue. Whenever you get frustrated or irritated and you feel like you are tempted to say something inappropriate..Then take a second to think..’Will my Father in Heaven like it ?’..You’ll automatically know how to change the choice of your words..Untold blessings reside in what you tell!

Yes..It takes only 1 to make the difference..Will you be the 1?

‘Put your brain in gear by harnessing your heart before you put your mouth in action.

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