ENERGETIC DRINK – 3 E’s to live long!

Don’t be lazy in showing your devotion. Use your energy to serve the Lord.”

– Romans 12 : 11

Everyday is a new start!..And everyday needs an energetic start!..The moment you woke up today..’what was it that first came across your mind?’..that very same thing decides how you proceed with the day..Yes, so its essential to think optimistic in order to experience a day full of good energy. According to Physics, ‘energy’ is the ‘ability to do work’, which includes everything that you do throughout a day!..Though you could be physically and mentally energetic by following proper diet and fitness schedules..What about spiritually?..How energetic are you to serve the ONE who fashioned you with the palm of HIS hands??

3 E’s of ENERGY..

‘Exercise positivism to stay energetic..’

#First step to this is ‘SMILE for what you are today!’

Energy to Enjoy

Our Creator dislikes ‘laziness’ which often clothes us with unnecessary thoughts and sadness. People tend to be more lazy when they feel life is boring. The best way to be energetic to serve HIM is to first enjoy the little drops of happiness that comes in your life, disguised as ‘a healing, deliverance or even a family dispute being solved’ by praising & thanking HIM to unfold God’s showers of blessings!

Energy to Evangelize

One cannot be a good advertiser without talking about the benefits of the product in his hand. In the same way, we cannot serve God without expressing about HIS love to others!..Evangelizing is to share your happiness brought by your Maker to people around in a beautiful way..You never know which friend of yours is going to be blessed with the testimony you share randomly!..Do make it a habit to let others know the ‘REASON of your life!’

Energy to Energize

When you enjoy life with the Pleasures of Heaven being shared by you to others…you already begin to ENERGIZE your near ones with the positive energy within you through your joyful appearance, cheerful words and good actions.Don’t wait for the right moment to be energetic..It never happens that day..Instead, consider every moment to be the right one to do the right thing for the Righteous King!

‘Lord JESUS..YOU are my energy!’

Energy exercised productively is energy conserved”…

On this day of National Energy Conservation Day, let’s contribute to the welfare of our community by energizing ourselves with the GREATEST SOURCE OF ENERGY!

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