Tired of ‘expectations’!?..2 TIPS TO EXPECT RIGHT IN LIFE!

“My soul, wait thou only upon God; for my EXPECTATION is from Him.” – Psalm 62:5

You might have heard people say or you could have even advised someone with the words ‘DON’T EXPECT!’….But still….we do expect every single day, it could be materialistic blessings or better employment opportunities or it could even be the ‘GOOD MORNING’ text from someone dear to you!..‘Expectation’….is indeed one of the most important skill to be mastered by everyone. The anticipation for certain things to happen in our lives might be very difficult at times. People worry, get sick and even end up getting depressed to the point of committing suicide just because of ‘expecting wrong’. When I say ‘expecting wrong’.. that doesn’t imply that all that we expect in life is wrong. Instead, it indirectly refers to the vital aspect of expectation, i.e. ‘FROM WHOM AM I EXPECTING?’..Surprisingly, King David knew the right answer and hence he encourages his own soul about his Creator, who is capable of our every expectation!

“He only is my rock and my salvation: He is my defense; I shall not be moved.” – Psalm 62:6

As Psalmist enjoys the time he spends in learning about God’s ways, he tries to enable us to get a glimpse of HIS splendor through his beautiful songs. Coming back to our topic of EXPECTATION..it’s quite wonderful to see David justify as to why he expects from God. If you are tired of expecting from people you love, then from today try expecting from HIM who loves you more than eternity…you will never be disappointed because HE is not a man to leave you nor is HE a mortal to forsake you!

Expect from your ROCK OF SALVATION:-

Try to direct your expectations towards your Savior, who knows what’s best in your lives and also knows how to make it happen at the right moment. A rock is known for its stability and anything that is built upon it is secure from every wind and storm. Trust God, your SAVING ROCK more than you would trust a stone!..

Expect from your SOLID DEFENSE:-

The second justification David gives is that when we expect from our LORD, HE becomes our immovable defense against all the odds of this life. Isn’t that amazing?..As long as we keep expecting from people, we might feel displeased with our own lives but when your expectation is from HIM who made you…then you’ll be able to wear a smile on your face always because He will fill you with HIS abounding joy.

WhileExpectation from world’ kills your everything..

Satisfaction from above’ fills you with everything!..

Make a decision now to keep your expectations positive in every path of life by relying on your Creator alone!

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