4 SOIL SAMPLES..Which one should I choose?

Others, like seed sown on good soil, hear the word, accept it, and produce a crop—some thirty, some sixty, some a hundred times what was sown.”

– MARK 4 : 20 (NIV)

With the sun shining bright, leaves rustling melodiously and flowers spreading fragrance …A very happy morning to all!..Everyday is a new chance to know the world a bit more wisely by listening to our Creator a bit more nicely!..

LORD JESUS loved teaching the people using ‘parables’, which I’d say is the best teaching method when it comes to explaining moral truths to people of varied interests and different age-groups. In this ‘PARABLE OF THE SOWER’, God beautifully illustrates the uniqueness of every individual in accepting HIS words. Though a farmer spends his time and efforts, but the results (of a plentiful harvest) depend on the nature of soil he works with. Generally speaking, which type of soil do you think is good for cultivation?..Hmmmm…as you wonder about it, let’s see what OUR EXPERT has got to say about 4 different samples of soil on which a sower goes about sowing his seeds..



First, the sower comes across a pathway, which of course isn’t a suitable place to sow seeds. Any person who is inattentive to God’s word or whose heart is so hardened that he’s not able to see the goodness of his MAKER is compared to the seeds being thrown on a wayside, where it ends up in the mouths of birds. Such a person chooses not to understand and shows no interest to the GOSPEL, which is the reason of his living..



As the sower moves on, he comes to a stony ground and he thinks ‘Maybe, here the seeds will sprout’..Well it did sprout and grew up quickly, but as the sun shined brighter, the plant withered away due to lack of strong roots..This is symbolically represented to a person who immediately accepts the truth about God and says ‘YES..I believe JESUS’…But as soon as he/she faces the trials of life, they aren’t able to withstand it as they aren’t rooted in strong faith.



Seeing that his efforts were futile, the sower continues his journey and comes across a place, full of thorns but since the soil seemed good, he thought of sowing some seeds there. At first, the seeds did germinate and beautiful saplings grew but it couldn’t stay up to the pricking of thorns and got choked. People who accept the path of righteousness but are not able to overcome the thorns of temptation and pressures of this competitive evil world are compared to such soil. And sadly, they give up on the eternal blessings to seek the temporary happiness of life.



Well, experiencing a failure again, our sower moves on and all of a sudden he smiles, gazing at the fertile soil in front of him..Amazingly, here the crop sprang up, increased and produced..If we are the people who hear the word of GOD with attentive ears, accept it with a grateful heart and bear fruit with complete devotion…then you are the GOOD SOIL WHICH OUR SOWER (OUR CREATOR) LOVES TO WORK WITH!..And HE blesses thirtyfold, sixty or even a hundred fold depending on how fertile your life is.

“Even the richest soil, if left uncultivated will produce the rankest weeds!”..

On this WORLD SOIL DAY..try to figure out which sample of soil are you..If you desire to enjoy a plenteous life bearing sweet fruits of gladness..then recall that the PERFECT SOWER prefers the ‘good soil’ more!

Let’s start this day with

our ears tuned to HIS voice,

our hearts turned to HIS call

& our lives aligned to HIS will!

#For a shortcut to all blessings..’Prefer being SAMPLE 4′

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