4 The earth dries up and withers, the world languishes and withers, the heavens languish with the earth.

5 The earth is defiled by its people; they have disobeyed the laws, violated the statutes and broken the everlasting covenant.

– ISAIAH 24 : 4-5

Every year, the National Pollution Prevention Day is observed on December 2 to create awareness about the increasing pollution levels and its hazardous effect on human beings and our ecosystem. But it’s sad to know that “WE ARE THE REASON” for this havoc on our beautiful blue planet. When GOD created man in HIS own image and likeness, HE expected mankind to use the earth’s resources wisely with gratefulness, yet we are living in the times when we witness things to be contradictory to how it should be.

Our Creator explains clearly through the words of prophet Isaiah that the reason behind earth’s anguish and world’s dryness is the ‘negligence of human beings to serve the purpose for which they have been created as the supreme creation’.

It’s not just a day to think of how we have polluted this earth physically but we ought to ponder about how much have we degraded the innocence of nature and polluted morally the human race with all sorts of wickedness..Before the entire Equation of Existence goes’s best to rectify ourselves with these checkpoints:-

DISOBEYED THE LAWS – On one hand, we have failed to be good stewards of earth and on the other hand, God’s guiding principles have not been followed sincerely.OBEY HIS WORDS – If the powerful words of our Creator could make the galaxies obey and follow, imagine what it can do if you just OBEY!
VIOLATED THE STATUTES – The decrees of our Almighty GOD when violated only leads to unhappiness and restlessness. Man’s prime duty was to keep it but even that wasn’t done by us properly!COMPLY BY HIS ORDINANCES – Don’t worry about how many times you’ve sinned in this life-time. God’s mercy is new every morning!..Make a decision today to follow HIS precepts.
BROKEN THE COVENANT – Do you remember why God flooded the earth in the days of Noah?..It was because of man’s increasing crimes!..Breaking God’s covenant can only lead to disastrous turn of events in our lives.MEND OUR WAYS – Remember that HIS words say that in the last days, people will be like those who were with Noah ‘neglecting the right path’..It’s better to mend our ways and make it straight before God strikes the earth with fire!

Plant seeds of hope to uproot the dryness of life..

Plant saplings of cheer to overcome the violence around..

Replace ‘Pollution of all Evils’

With the ‘Plantation of all Virtues’!

#Be one of Earth’s 🌎 trusted guardian..

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