3 Principles of ‘Good Publicity’..Let’s ask Andrew!

The first thing Andrew did was to find his brother Simon and tell him, “We have found the MESSIAH” (that is, the CHRIST).

– JOHN 1 : 41 (NIV)

Have you tried texting “GOD loves you”…or “I’ll pray for you” to someone you know?? You might think that these phrases are so common but who knows how it might encourage someone who is going through a lot of pain at that very second!..Let’s spread ‘positivity’ through our words!

Living in the present era of advertisements and publicity, seems like a person cannot live without being a part of at-least one of the social-media platforms. Unknowingly, it has created a new culture of waking up to the ‘status of WhatsApp’ to going to bed with the ‘stories of Facebook’. Though every technology has been invented for man’s benefit, yet it requires a wise mind to make the best use of this valuable resource.

Centuries ago, when no technology existed, yet we find a wise person who made the right decision at the right time with the right mindset which brought blessings into the lives of thousands and thousands of people. Of course, we all are familiar with Apostle Peter and his zeal to serve God but let’s come a bit closer to the life of his brother ANDREW, who was the first disciple of Lord JESUS CHRIST!


Among the disciples, it was Andrew who first met Lord Jesus. One day, Andrew was with John the Baptist when they encountered Jesus, whom John proclaimed was “the Lamb of God.”

Obviously, he wasn’t the first to see JESUS. There were hundreds of people who got to know HIM that very day but it’s interesting to note that among all, it was Andrew who knew to prioritize his actions as soon as he learned about the SAVIOR. How do we prioritize God’s words today?


Andrew didn’t just think about sharing the happy news, instead he sought to find his own brother, who was a fisherman just like him.

Many times, we experience God’s working in our lives through the healing and miracles we receive, but still we don’t pursue to let others know about it.

When the Everlasting King of glory takes time to care about your every tear and every pain, how about thanking HIM by pursuing the path of righteousness!


Here’s the most important part-Andrew told the truth to his brother. The way he expressed the words “We have found the MESSIAH”..clearly indicates how overjoyed he was to see JESUS.

You cannot a stop a cup from overflowing if you keep pouring water into it..Similarly you cannot stop praising your Creator if you are filled with HIS gratefulness!

Before it gets too late..Proclaim HIS love through your lifestyle as much as possible!

‘LIFE’ is just a one-time offer..

Making the best of it is in YOUR HANDS!

Prioritize your thoughts about pursuing the path to happiness by proclaiming the good news”…

Let me give you a hint where to start..”Add HIS truth-filled loving words to your ‘GOOD MORNING’ texts!”

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