“Whoever has no rule over his own spirit

Is like a city broken down, without walls.”

– PROVERBS 25 : 28

When you search on Google or glance at Facebook or chat through WhatsApp or even surf through YouTube…How many times do you think you’ve watched things you didn’t intend to?..When you are in a serious argument with someone...Have you thought of the words you use?..As soon as you get your paycheck and you find yourself shopping..Does it cross your mind ‘Do I really need to buy this now?’

‘Exercising restraint over one’s own impulses, emotions, or desires’ or in simple words, “SELF-CONTROL” is something we all chase to practice in life but at times, it might seem too impossible. ‘Overcoming the temptations and holding on to the right path’ becomes possible as soon as you learn to master the tool of ‘self-control’. And I am sure, nothing can be mastered without a TEACHER…so here, we have our Greatest Teacher with the guidance of the Holy Spirit to teach us ‘self-control’ through the words of King Solomon.

‘Lots of meaning in just two lines!’..In this verse, Solomon takes the well-known example of a city withno walls‘..I wonder how irresponsible that city must have been to not have its walls intact. From the historic period of kings to the present date, walls are considered to the stronghold for the people, a refuge against enemies and a protection from all dangers. If any city lacks in building a stable wall, then that city is bound to be broken by external forces of evil.

When we have no control over our spirit, we end up being like one such city with no walls. Doesn’t it sound a bit shaky?..As long as we don’t ask for our Creator’s help with this, we will never be able to achieve it. Therefore, it becomes more essential to allow the Holy Spirit to take control of our lives because HE is like the best guide and counselor any person could wish for. When HE TAKES CONTROL, automatically you’d find your life getting aligned and blessed with these goodies..


It indirectly refers to have a control over your senses. By practicing self-control you would have a clear understanding to decide as to what is good or valuable in connection to artistic or social activities.


When you learn to restrain your desires with the help of God’s words, your life gets safer in all respects, be it your travelling, occupation or family. He keeps you safe from all that could endanger your heart.


If you give the rope of your life in HIS matchless hands, you would be amazed to find how affectionately He takes care of your every need. Your life will be perfectly secure from all the arrows of back-biting/cursing and the spears of the evil one.

SO…I guess its time to reset for the best!

STEP 1-Take the phone called ‘LIFE’

STEP 2-Go to the Settings located in ‘BRAIN’

STEP 3-Select the option named ‘SELF-CONTROL’

Most important..Remember to switch on your WiFi connection titled ‘PRAYER’

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