“A GOOD NAME is to be chosen rather than great riches,

LOVING FAVOR rather than silver and gold.”


As soon as Rinky was back from a picnic with her friends, she started searching her room desperately for her small treasure box, which was precious to her. She asked her parents whether they had seen it but they couldn’t help much. With tears in her eyes, she looked every nook and corner of her room, still couldn’t find it anywhere. After a few hours, her mom while cleaning her room found a small rusted box with a tiny blue shell in Rinky’s bag itself. And to her mom’s surprise, Rinky gleefully jumped that it was her priceless treasure box!

Even in our lives, we hold something or the other as ‘precious’. It could be wealth, property, gold, silver, diamond or anything that we consider ‘too dear’ to us. Today’s invaluable verse is taken to help us prioritize ‘the list of precious things in our lives’ in a profitable way as God desires from us.


Have you ever admired ‘your name’?..It’s really special because more than what it spells like or means, its your unique identity!..People acknowledge a name as a ‘good name’ when it really reflects its beauty through that person’s character. A ‘good name’ includes ‘good manners, good thoughts and good actions!’ More than the great riches we possess it is our ‘good name’ that adds peace and happiness in our lives. Hence, our GOOD GOD, always wants us to live a life that brings glory to HIM through our good reputation.


Do you know what’s more precious than silver and gold?..It’s your “love for God’s favor”!..’Favor’ implies ‘friendly regard shown toward another especially by a superior’. It’s indeed astonishing to realize how incomplete and distorted our lives must have been if God had not been favorably guiding our every step!..Never consider anything temporary to be more precious than the eternal and priceless salvation (when LORD JESUS shed every drop of HIS pure and purifying blood) which He had given us on the cross of Calvary, free of cost!..

‘More than riches…HIS name is priceless

More than silver…HIS grace is shinier

More than gold…HIS love is beautiful’

Yet, HE says to you today..

“More than anything…YOU ARE PRECIOUS!”


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