F 2 F transformation : ‘Fishermen’ to ‘Fishers of Men’

Come, follow Me,” JESUS said, “and I will make you fishers of men.”

– Matthew 4 : 19

Hi everyone!.. Today is being observed as World Fisheries Day to create awareness about the environmental aspect of protecting fisheries and their community. So, why don’t we start off this day with a life-changing story of a few fishermen!

By the Sea of Galilee, we find two brothers Simon (called Peter) and Andrew his brother trying to cast a net into the sea so that they could earn their livelihood as they were fishermen. Suddenly, during the cool hours of dawn, walking gently along the shore, they see Lord JESUS coming their way. Ohhhh!…what a joy it must have been if we too were on that boat with those brothers!..Anyways, lets see what happened next.

As Lord JESUS comes closer to them, He calls out to them with the words,“COME, FOLLOW ME!”….No introduction, no qualification, no interview & no information gathered about the background of these brothers…yet Simon and Andrew received the greatest job offer from the All-knowing Sovereign Creator!!…And our beloved brothers left their nets immediately to Follow HIM.

Well, coming back to reality..what do you think about the word ‘FOLLOW’?..Living in this era where media is our buddy and social media is our family, we all are familiar of phrases commonly used like ‘please like, share and subscribe my channel’ or ‘follow me for later updates’. But, as God’s precious creation, whom are we supposed to follow?..And HOW SHOULD WE FOLLOW?..I guess you know the answer!..


Simon and Andrew immediately obeyed to the call of Lord JESUS and followed HIM in all circumstances, be it on the mountain where Jesus fed the multitudes or by the river where He spoke in parables, be it on the streets where countless people were healed or in a jam-packed room of people including those trying to find a fault with Him.

That’s called being a “true follower”..Through all the ups and downs of your life, let faith professed in words and practiced through your actions move the mountains remember WHO IS AHEAD OF YOU..HE IS THE LIGHT FOR THE PATH YOU ARE WALKING ON!


You cannot expect to be a follower without doing what is designated by the ONE who has called you by name, out of millions living in complete ignorance.

If you happen to simply surf through the internet and an inspirational quote catches your mind..What would you do?..If your answer is ‘I’ll share to others by posting it immediately’, then you can easily guess what I’m going to say next..

Yes!..If we say that we follow JESUS, then we need to work on how have we been sharing the good news of HIS love to others, which is mankind’s most marvelous gift ever!

Follow the AUTHOR of your life

Follow the LIGHT of your path

Follow the FULFILLER of your needs

Follow the SATISFIER of your dreams

Follow the HEALER of your soul

Follow the FINISHER of your race


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