“Secret of the 3 C’s” from the LITTLE TEACHERS!…

Matthew 19:14

JESUS said, ‘Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.’ ”

LORD JESUS loves all the little children!…It’s a delight to think of the cuteness of the kids in our home on this World Children’s Day being observed today to promote awareness among children, togetherness and improving children’s welfare. As I was preparing to jot this down, I thought of checking the meaning of ‘children’ and I was surprised to find the dictionary referring to them as ‘immature and irresponsible’, which is totally contrary to what our Creator says. He asks us, as adults to not just take care of our children but instead to learn the secrets of inheriting the kingdom of heaven from them.

Now that’s something to be pondered on….We usually prefer consulting the highly intellectual or an experienced elder to get motivated in life. But here, Lord Jesus, the Omniscient asks all of us to learn the most important lessons from these little sweet teachers!..Our Caring Creator has designed children in such a way that they give us a real demonstration of how our perspective of living should change and how to get more closer to HIM, the Everlasting!

As a teacher, I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to learn so many wonderful traits from these cute souls. I believe that every single child is a uniquely customized diamond!..It’s very important to never hinder them (through your words or actions) from being closer to their loving God and never underestimate the potential in your child because THEY HOLD THE SECRETS TO ETERNAL LIFE!

If you have read the beatitudes from Matthew chapter 5, you might be familiar with the characteristics required for a person to be a part of the Kingdom of God. Our little teachers are no less in teaching them through their joy-filled lifestyles everyday…Are you ready for a few lessons??


Have you seen a child being sad for a whole day?…I guess ‘not’!…Children are known for their tendency to quickly change their mood to what makes them happier. As an inheritor of Heavenly Blessings, we need to learn how not to stay depressed with the unsolved problems surrounding us but to be cheerful at all times enjoying the little things of life with a real smile on our faces.


‘Curiosity’ in children broadens their mind to the vast knowledge around them. The more they question their parents, teachers and siblings, the more they learn. Try to apply it into your life. Just like how learning never stops, similarly the ways to experience God’s power requires us to be curiously enthusiastic in praising & serving Him in new different ways.


With no bitterness, envy and grudges, children set an absolute example of how we should live in society. A compassionate heart is the one that’s filled with God’s love, listens to the hopeless, cares for others without any discrimination and seeks to help everyone genuinely. It indirectly implies us to be straight-forward with a true intention to do the best for others.

In the words of John F. Kennedy..

‘Children are the world’s most valuable resource and its best hope for the future.’

Let’s spend more time to invest in these little teachers and to their teachings to rectify ourselves to be fit to inherit the Eternal Blessings!

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