Does life seem tasteless?..Don’t forget “You are NaCl”

You are the SALT of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot.”

                                                                                                   – MATTHEW 5 : 13

Laura decided to cook a very tasty meal for her family. She was pre-occupied with lots of work that she sent Kelly to the closest grocery store to buy the ingredients. About an hour later, both the sisters were busy preparing the meal. They were so pleased with the color and aroma coming from their dishes, that they thought to taste a spoonful of it before serving. As soon as their spoons touched their tongue, both of them exclaimed,” Yuck!…WHY IS IT SO TASTELESS?”..And then, all of a sudden they heard their mom’s voice coming from the hallway asking, “Girls, did you check for SALT in it?”


This mind-throbbing verse quoted at the start is what Lord Jesus spoke on the Mount where He first taught the BEATITUDES to His disciples and the multitudes gathered to hear His teachings.

Our Amazing Creator considers each of His believer to be the SALT of the earth.Salt though being the meekest of all ingredients yet if not included, can cause even the yummiest-appearing food to taste so bland that you might just want to throw it away. In the same way, we need to act as enhancers of flavor in the society through our deeds of goodness. Whatever might be the situation in your vicinity, be it your family, friends or workplace, even if others be-little you, never forget to outshine their negativity with your optimistic glow of good works.


‘Salt’ acts as an integral buddy by helping mankind in a number of ways. Apart from being known as an incredible flavoring agent, we all are familiar with how salt has been one of the best food preservatives. Salt was considered so precious during early civilizations that people started calling it as ‘white gold’.

Yes, it is very essential for every human being to understand the importance of preserving nature, preserving ties with others and especially preserving one’s relationship with his/her Maker. Preserving our bond with mankind definitely requires lots of endurance, patience and self-control at times. And as a good preservative, God wants all of us to strive not to lose our tastiness but to be seasoned always.

A ‘pinch of salt’ teaches us the balance of life. It should be used wisely, not a bit too much and not a bit too less!..As the ‘SALT’ of the earth, let’s imbibe the unique character of salt whose presence is least felt but its absence can make everything tasteless!!

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