Mustard says to Mountain,”I am a Mover of Faith!”

So JESUS said to them, “Because of your unbelief; for assuredly, I say to you, if you have faith as a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move; and nothing will be impossible for you.

– MATTHEW 17 : 20

Hello everyone!..Hope you are healthy today!..Though we might be surrounded with so many impossible things, still I’d say it’s always gratifying to begin the day praising God for His countless blessings into our lives. The wonderful story from the Holy Scripture that inspired me to share with you is about the miraculous healing of a little boy (you can read the passage from Matthew 17 : 14-21).


After witnessing the spectacular transfiguration of Lord JESUS on the mount Tabor, we find His disciples being pointed out by a man saying ‘I brought my epileptic son to Your disciples but they could not cure him’. Here, Lord JESUS not just displays His healing power but He also teaches His disciples and to all of us the ‘power of faith’.

‘Faith’ refers to the complete trust or confidence we have on someone or something. As a child of God, we are bound to practice the art of faith in our day-to-day lives. Though the disciples trusted JESUS, they couldn’t transform their faith into action. This is exactly what we ought to think today..”Is my faith in actions or just in words?”..”Do I find my faith powerful enough to do the impossible?”..

In this story, we find a hopeless father pleading our Creator to heal his only son who suffered severely because of epilepsy, to an extent where the young boy would even throw himself into fire and water. Our compassionate God is indeed the GREATEST PHYSICIAN ever. At that very hour, we find the father rejoicing over the deliverance that his son received just through the words professed with faith by Lord JESUS CHRIST.


As we read further, Lord JESUS expounds the POWER OF FAITH and how to activate it. The secret to move mountain-like situations in our life is contained in the tiny seeds of mustard-sized faith. Everyone of us are familiar with what a seed can do in creating and regenerating agriculture. Thus, here our Heavenly FATHER encourages us that even if our faith is small as a mustard seed, it needs to possess the power of ‘germination of hope’ and ‘growth of our trust’ in God.

Never underestimate what your faith can do!..It’s your faith that can move the immovable mountains of your life. It’s again your faith which can do the impossible in your career.

“If a Word of Faith can move the mountains,

then an Action of Faith can accomplish the impossible

….Don’t you agree??


In INDIA, November 17 is observed as National Epilepsy Day to create awareness about this chronic disorder of brain. According to WHO, although epilepsy is treatable,yet three-fourth of affected people in developing countries do not receive the required treatment. As a result of which, about 10 million people suffer from seizures associated with epilepsy.

Let’s uphold in our prayers that our Lord, our HEALER might restore them with good health.

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