“I will give You thanks in the great congregation;

I will praise You among many people.”

– PSALM 35 : 18


If I talk about gratefulness without thanking you all, it wouldn’t make any sense in writing this blog. I’m truly happy for all your positive comments and encouragement that’s really motivating me to go ahead and I hope you continue the same.


Very often we come across this word ‘thanksgiving’ and even more familiar are the words ‘thank you’, ‘thanks’…in our everyday life.

There could be ‘n’ number of reasons to be thankful in a single day. I’m thankful that you’re healthy, safe and reading this today. You might be thankful to your parents for making life way much easier or to your friends who help you laugh a little louder and enjoy life better. But the question is ‘How often do you express your gratitude?’…or ‘Is your thankfulness only in words or actions?’…

Looking back at every small and great things that God had done in his life, David never missed the chance of giving thanks to his Creator and you ought to know that he was recognized as “NEXT TO GOD’S OWN HEART” just because he was thankful. Ohh…now that’s something we completely miss!..SELDOM do we realize to thank the One who is the reason for our every single breath that we breathe. You might wonder “How should I thank someone who’s invisible?”..Let’s see how our psalmist explains the answer to this.


Just like how we express gratitude towards someone by saying ‘thank you’ or through a gift as a token of thankfulness, similarly if you wish to thank your Creator you need to SAY TO HIM with a grateful heart.

Thanksgiving always goes hand-in-hand with praise-offering. How would your boss feel when he has helped you out of a really difficult situation and your just too shy to even say ‘thanks’ to him?..And what would be your reaction seeing that your team mates fail to realize what you’ve done for them?….

So, never feel ashamed to be grateful to your Heavenly Father, who loves it so much when HIS child thanks Him. And how much would He be happy when you take a few minutes from your busy schedules to share HIS love to others…that’s called praise offering!..not just your lips thanking him but it should be your whole heart and mind that praises HIM through your actions.

Take a glass (your life)..add

1 teaspoon of thanks-giving + 1 teaspoon of praise-offering = loads of happiness and joy

If you hadn’t tried this recipe yet, then do give it a try today!…

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