” Contend, LORD, with those who contend with me;

Fight against those who fight against me.”

– PSALM 35 : 1


“How can she do that to me?”…”I have to teach them a lesson”…”Does he think its easy to belittle me?”….so on goes our day-to-day grudges and unhappy instances of our encounter with our fellow mates, family members, or even friends.

Most often, we tend to fight our life’s battles with our limited knowledge or failing strength and when nothing seems to work out, we become depressed thinking “Why do I have to deal with this?..Is there really none to help me out?”…This is the exact time I would desire you to consider a person who relied on Someone ALL-POWERFUL and ALMIGHTY to boldly overcome his battles of life.

Through all the twists and turns of his life, this king of Israel never failed to lay his trust on THE EVERLASTING KING and his belief always brought joy in his heart.


Neglected by his own family members, left alone by all his friends, distraught with the unsolved pieces of his life and surrounded by multitudes of enemies (armies of neighboring countries) and yet this is what David says ” LORD, this battle of life is not mine to fight but YOURS”.

Yes, it’s indeed true. When we try to confront life’s challenges and people’s taunts with our ability, we might lose heart at some point of time. But, when you acknowledge how compassionately your Creator is ready to be your AVENGER, it gives immense peace to your souls. So, the next time you feel like fighting, just remember WHO is there beside you 24 x 7..HE not just helps you out of the tormenting circumstances of life, instead HE is your MIGHTY AVENGER who loves to take care of you, no matter what!

Therefore, with courage in your heart and hope in your soul, just sit back, relax and witness how wonderfully your Avenger fights all your battles!….


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