Would you like to TASTE something really good?..

Kate was feeling hungry and wished to enjoy a sweet candy or a tasty chocolate.Her mom, knowing her child’s desire, gave her money and asked her to buy the tastiest one from the shop. Now this confused our little Kate, to decide as to which candy would be the tastiest….πŸ€”…Let’s see who helps her..

Psalm 34:8 sweetly records..”Oh, taste and see that the LORD is good; Blessed is the man who trusts in Him! “

Surprisingly, little Kate finds her bestie Rose in the same shop.Oh!..wow…what a relief!.. She rushes to Rose and asks which candy would be the tastiest..Rose quickly answers, “Hey Katie, don’t think twice..This pink candy, which I’ve tasted yesterday had been the yummiest..buy it soon! “…So, in a few minutes, our little Kate,brimming over with joy, walks back home with the tastiest candy in her hand.

Isn’t our decisions in life taken that way sometimes? We prefer to base our selection of anything on what others have experienced already. David, one of the greatest kings ever had tasted something really really good that enabled him to not just be optimistic but to stay brave enough to face all odds of life and to conquer the impossible.

This beautiful psalm, a song of David has been written when he was surrounded by the fears of this world but yet he confidently fixes his eyes upon the Eternal Creator and trusts Him. He believes that the Majestic Mastermind can take the broken pieces of his life and mould it into something beautiful.

No matter what’s the fear gripping hold of our hearts right now, let’s just keep trusting Him a little bit more and anticipate to taste the sweetest love of God, which can render untold happiness and abundant blessings into our lives.

So, let’s taste and see for ourselves that the LORD is good and indeed, the best we’ve ever tasted!!..

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