“Blessed is the one whose delight in the law of the LORD”..

As we all are well-aware of the beautiful collection of Psalms which our Holy Book has recorded, Psalm 1 portrays the stark contrast between two kinds of people – the first kind are those who love to please their Creator and the other are those who love to please themselves. Take a second & think to which kind do you seem to belong?.. Well, as you ponder on it let’s see what the Bible says through the words of one of the greatest kings – King David…

As recorded in verses 1 to 3…when a person stays away from people who entice towards the destruction of soul through unwise counsels, scornful nature and negative attitude, it leads the person towards prosperity and happiness in life as his/her life becomes as a tree planted by the streams of living waters and yielding fruits of joy in their social circle.

But if you read the next two verses, we can see what happens to the one who loves this world more than its Maker…Such a person is compared to the chaff, unsuccessful in all he does & leads an unstable life.

This thought-provoking chapter concludes with a sound warning to all of us to be always aware of the Day of Judgment when everyone is bound to be accountable to Him “Who is, Who was & Who is to come”!…

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